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Bipolar with anorexia

After many years of being on an emotional roller coaster ride, i was diagnosed as bipolar at age 36. Along with that diagnosis, my eating disorder was brought to light. I was hospitalized for refeeding and started a php program. I quit. It was a place i felt was not helping at all. I want to be better and they just shoved pills down your throat. Now I'm seeing my normal doc for weight and bloodwork, have a therapist but she only deals with the bipolar. I'm fighting so hard. My restrictions are based on emotions. I shut down. Still no hunger ques. After i got out of the hospital everyone thinks I'm fine. No one understands the battle I'm facing and I'm so alone. How do you fight when you have to do it all on your own? I'm relapsing and falling fast, but i can't stop. Its like if the bipolar would get under control the ed would lay its ugly head down.


Would getting a dietitian specifically for eating disorders help. Restricting only harms, not helps. Keep us updated, we love to know how your doing. Sending you love and support.


Stay Strong

This seems like a really hard time for you, it may be a good idea to get both types of therapy. It seems like you feel alone too, maybe you can talk to a trusted friend/loved one or maybe talking on the forums helps because we all understand what your going though. You are not alone, we are all here to help!

NEDA Helpline

Hi TaterM! The NEDA Helpline may be able to help out with talking about your concerns and finding resources. The Helpline can be reached at 800.931.2237 or chat with them online ( M-TH 9-9 EST and F 9-5 EST. We hope it can be of help to you. Hope you find support and stay strong. 

NEDA is here to support you during the evolving COVID-19 outbreak. The health of our community, especially those who are most vulnerable to the virus' serious complications, remains paramount. To access resources that can provide free and low-cost support, please click here.