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A triggering comment

So today in class I heard a dialogue between two boys that were just talking across the room. They were talking all jokingly, but it was still weird..
1.Is it bad that I can't gain weight from eating absolute junk? Because of my fast metabolism.
2. bad? I think you mean lucky! I gain weight even from eating healthy!

And another girl at my lunch table is always saying something along these lines, "I'm small and skinny! I don't gain weight. (name) says i'm gonna get diabetes!"

I don't know it's just a little triggering... At lunch I have a problem of comparing myself to what others eat. Sometimes they eat less and sometimes more than me. It's like i'm the only one actually thinking about food the whole time. Anyone else relate to feeling like your the only one with food on your mind?


Yes I relate and maybe a good way to help you stop obsessing about it during mealtime is to engage in conversation with these people instead. I don't know maybe already do this. But I have found that when you are completely engaged in conversations, it is much harder to be obsessed about thinking about what someone else is eating and comparing it to what you are eating and also worrying about what they may be thinking and also ... even though our minds are able to do a lot of things at once, once we engage ourselves in conversation, it makes it a lot harder to be multitasking in our brain. I hope this helps because I've been there and I know that when I got involved in conversations it made it a lot easier. Hang in there. It gets easier.

omg THIS

The other day in my English class, this group was talking about weight, size, food, etc. and eventually moved on to the topic of "anorexics". It made me so uncomfortable as they were judging so harshly with comments like "How do they even do that? AND WHY?" The whole group kept using "they" when referencing anorexics as though they didn't know any or found them so alien and fragile. One kid was like, "It's not that hard to fix, why don't they just eat?" Hearing all this kinda crushed me, not gonna lie and I still think about it. Sorry my comment wasn't so positive... I guess this all just makes me feel really alone sometimes and I needed to let it the heck out. But long story short, people are gonna say things. And it's probably because they are uneducated, but it still hurts/can be triggering. Don't be afraid to distance yourself from triggering people as it'll only hurt you to stay in the long run. Good luck with school stuff in the future OP!

Thanks for your comment, its

Thanks for your comment, its sometimes good to hear someones else story, it may sound weird but I find comfort that others can understand what i'm talking about.

I'm sorry

That you both had to go through this. I once had someone ask me if I was pregnant. I've also been told I cause earthquakes when I walk.

I am so sorry someone said that to you

I can't even fathom saying that to someone else, much less receiving that comment. It's a tough world out there. People are going to criticize you whether you are underweight, overweight, tall, short, happy, sad. When in our disorders, we are so much more vulnerable to other's opinions because it can be hard to trust our own. Just remember that people who say things like that are most likely insecure about their own things and just taking it out on anyone nearby. Make sure you always have a supporter in recovery to turn to when people get nasty.


I was offered a seat on the tram...

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