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ER, again

I just got home from the ER. If anyone read my post from this morning entitled it's starting again, they will quickly understand why I had to go to the ER. It was kind of frightening, this experience. I definitely will be sharing this with my eating disorder therapist when we have our phone session on Monday as I'm sure she will have some words of wisdom about this and some advice that I am not able to give myself at the moment. I have been very lethargic all day today and this morning when I went shopping I started having dizzy spells and lightheadedness and what I call a fuzzy head. And once I was home I did very little more than just stay in bed for the most part of the day. Around 3 or so, I was talking with my best friend and things quickly were deteriorating. I could not feel my legs at all nor move them, and I was having a hard time continuing my end of the conversation. I was feeling weaker and weaker and I just felt like every body part was so heavy that I just could not move. I could tell that something was very seriously wrong and I having trouble breathing and I even told my best friend at one point that something was wrong and asked him to call 911. I found out later he didn't understand me because of how labored my breathing was and how faint I was speaking. He did finally hang up and came over to my apartment to try to help me but couldn't come in obviously because my door was locked and I couldn't come to the door because I couldn't move! Nor could I say anything to him when I heard him speaking because I was too weak. So in between that time however when I was hoping he had been calling 911, I lost Consciousness several times. This is the first time that's ever happened that I've actually blacked out and it's scary to say the least. I didn't know what to do after I heard him leave and I knew I needed to call 911 but I couldn't move. So I just prayed with all my heart and finally got the strength to reach for my phone and was able to call. I had trouble even talking to the 911 operator because of how weak I was, but I did get help, and I went to the ER and I was severely dehydrated. I'm back home now and I still don't feel the greatest. I know that I need help but I don't know what to do specifically so I'm glad that I speak with my therapist on Monday and hopefully she will know what to do. I just know I'm tired of this.

Glad you went to the ER

Out of curiosity, why did they not keep you? It sounds like you need to be in the hospital. You need help, and it needs to be ASAP. I'm glad you went to the ER. Eating disorders are extremely dangerous.

Stupid doctor

Because it was a really stupid doctor who thinks he knows everything and my blood work didn't indicate that I have "anything wrong with me" he also was very belittling about the fact that I've been in the ER 20 times in the past 10 months even though most of those have been because of my migraines that weren't getting treated properly and now are because I have the right medicine for it. I've had him one time before and he's like I said a stupid doctor. I heard that he treats everybody that way. This ER really isn't equipped to know how to deal with any type of psychiatric disorder properly.

So sorry

It sounds like this doctor is a quack. Just because labs come back normal doesn't mean you're doing well. Can you make a complaint to his department?

Not worth it

Like I said, this ER really isn't equipped to handle people with any type of mental disorder let alone an eating disorder. It's okay. Today's been much better. It's kind of like it scared me straight and I've been eating according to meal plan all day. I still don't feel 100% but that could be partially due to very little sleep last night. I already emailed my therapist telling her what happened and she is aware of it so we will have our phone session tomorrow and she's also going to try to get in touch with the PHP place again. So just doing the best I can. Thanks for your concern

Hugs and Praying for you.

I hope everything turns out okay for you. I also hope that doctor is fired. Keep us updated!

All the hugs and love to you

All the hugs and love to you <3

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