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Happy Thanksgiving BobJ48

I hope you had a wonderful thanksgiving. Thank you for always being here for us.

May I ask what got you involved with EDs?


I had a friend with EDs who passed away after we knew each other for several years. While she was still alive, I asked for some help on Something Fishy, which was the big ED board at the time. The person who answered my post had EDs herself, and she and I ended up emailing back and forth for a year or so. Then she started a recovery group on Yahoo Groups and asked me to be on it. So instead of just talking with her, suddenly I was right in the middle of the ED community, talking with a whole bunch of other people too. After doing that for several years, I went back to Something Fishy,and was the mod on their Partners and Spouses forum, where I tried to help partners "get it" about what was going on with the people they cared about. Because if partners understand, I think it helps the person with the ED too. But I've continued to work on forums for people with EDs since the beginning, and have been a member of the current big evil one since it first started. Oddly, a bunch of us from the original Yahoo forum I was on are still friends. They were in their late teens or a bit older back then, and are close to 40 right now ( and doing better) and we still all stay in touch in a regular way.

But yes, it was all because I had a friend who I was really concerned about. I miss her still.


I'm sorry, BobJ48. You are a wonderful person to help all of us deal with this. I believe I remember Something Fishy. I think that was the site I was originally on regarding my husband's niece. EDs seem to run in families. That's probably true for most mental illnesses, physical illnesses, and addictions. So ist das leben.