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I'm unsure where to start

Hi guys,
I have recently been struggling with major food anxiety and I am unsure of how I got here and what to do. I have always had an unhealthy relationship with food and my body and last summer I decided to make a change. I started working out and counting my calories and it worked great at first! I did lose a lot of weight but I found myself restricting more and more. Then, the comments started from friends and family telling me things like I looked great and not to gain a single pound again. I think this made it harder because people were expecting something from me. However, I was restricting so much that the binges started. I went back to school, where I do not have enough time to regularly exercise and I went into this cycle of bingeing over the weekends and restricting myself during the week. These nightly binges started turning into full days of bingeing in private until I feel physically sick. Now, I think I am slowly gaining the weight back and feeling very anxious about it. My constant obsession with food is interfering with my school and social activities. I really want to fix my relationship with food and be able to listen to my body but it really feels impossible at times and I don't know where to start. If anyone has any tips or similar experiences I would really appreciate any feedback and thanks to whoever read this super long post!

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