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Why do people have so much food? That's tomorrow for me. Doesn't matter.


There's still hope. Just try to do your best tomorrow. Maybe you can find out what food is going to be there ahead of time and make a plan as to what you will allow yourself to eat. If you go in with a definite plan then do your best to stick to it. I'll be thinking of you and hoping that you'll get through it. You can do it

Same page

You are not alone, we are in same page, most time i wonder why people makes so much foods for thanksgiving? because of many people come over? or for us, so can have leftovers for next day or weeks? I understand how you feel. I'm still scared what would happen tomorrow. because I don't want to be nightmare to them. I'm trying to healing myself and you are trying to healing youself too. Only thing that we can think about is positive, which it is challenging us, have to see how much supports from family and friends, the reason why we are here, to healing, Thanksgiving affected us so much and we need to work together, we can't let something crumble us down because we are stronger than this. I"m sorry to rambling about that. I just want to let you know that you are not only alone, we are here to help each other, no matter what.


Thank you for your messages and help too.

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