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One whole day! :)

I made it! I got through the whole day doing 100% according to my meal plan, and I didn't have any urges to have any disordered behaviors. I'm actually in a really good mood, and I was yesterday also once I got my medicine for this stupid bronchitis. I know things are always up in the air with my moods so I'm just grateful for one day. But yesterday actually was good too, once I started at lunch time. Woohoo!


Yay this is so awesome- I am proud of you! :) I am glad it's been an overall good weekend. I hope you recover from your bronchitis soon! Keep us posted!!

So glad

I’m so glad you had a good weekend and proud of you for following the meal plan! I understand how quickly moods can go up and down, I’m learning to appreciate the good feelings when they happen... it makes the harder times worth fighting.


I'm SO PROUD of you, and I'm glad that you're experiencing happiness.

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