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How do I cope?

So I'm a 23 year old male coming to terms with the fact I've had an eating disorder for several years now.

I basically have an addiction to sweet things and crave them. These cravings have nothing to do with hunger.

I really struggle to acknowledge it as a problem, so I ultimately fail to actually put anything in place to address my issues. This is my main issue. It doesn't help either that I can't really achieve a proper balance. I'm a very 'all or nothing' person in general.

I've tried keeping a food diary in the past, but never really took it seriously. I also often forgot to include everything I had eaten. Instead of writing in it as soon as I had eaten, I would fill it in during the evening, but some days I forgot to even fill it in at all. When I did my food diary, seeing it all written down did help to hit home just how quickly a little here and there mounts up.

I sometimes feel as if I am having a good day and can afford to be less careful, but I struggle to acknowledge when I have a bad day, or admit it to others.

It negatively impacts those around me and comes across as if I do not care, or that I am selfish and arrogant. That is not my intent at all, but I can offer no explanation why I do it, nor can I justify it. I know it's wrong, but I can't help myself.

My current action plan is to seek the advice of like minded individuals and hopefully offer my own when I find myself in a better place. This is why I've now signed up to this site. I am also starting a new food diary. I intend to fill it in when I eat, or to make a note on my phone if I am unable to do so. I also plan to fill it in honestly and in detail. Hopefully, this will help break me out of the mindset of being less careful than I need to.

Lastly, I hope that if I do have a bad day, I will be able to talk to those I live with about it. To just acknowledge it before I have eaten most of the sweet things in the house.

I know I need to change my mindset and the first step is to acknowledge this IS a major issue. And the way I am, I will likely need to keep a food diary for the foreseeable future to help keep on the right track. I'm also hoping that reading through other's posts and responses will help me to improve my own issues and get me to a place where I can also maybe help others.

Hi Westy96,

Hi Westy96,

I'm glad you awknowlegded your problem, found this forum, and decided to do a few things to help it.
I would highly suggest therapy, online or in person. Eating disorders are not something you deserve to deal with alone. The people you live with, your friends, and family can only help to the best of their knowledge but you might want to consider letting many of them know.
It sounds like the you and the people you live with share food, so it may be beneficial for you to ask them to grocery shop for you. That way, you won't buy sugary food on impulse and there may be less sugar in your house.
Speaking of less sugar, cooking is a good habit because it's healthy, and (from my experience) you feel proud of what you made and tend to eat more reasonably.

I hope your food diary is going well and that your mindset is getting better. However, remember recovery has many relapses, and does not follow a straight line of improvement.

I believe in you!