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How do I tell someone?

I’m seeing my school counselor tomorrow, and whilst I want to tell her about my issues, I also have no idea how. What do I say? How do I even bring the topic up?

Part of me is also scared it’ll just make things worse. I just don’t have the energy for this to become a huge issue, with me having to see doctors and stuff. I also have this fear that I’m just being dramatic. What if I wake up the day after tomorrow able to eat whatevee I want with no issues, and I’ve just gotten people worried for no reason? What if I just made this all up? And I feel kind of weird telling her on Monday when I’m seeing my therapist on Thursday (whom I see for seperate issues, and also struggle to talk with about my eating issues).

Anyway, I’m seeking advice on how to actually tell someone I’m struggling a lot with eating, because I’m seriously considering just canceling with my school counselor tomorrow out of fear I’m being dramatic/a burden.


I am so sorry you feel this way, but I am very proud of you for seeing your counselor. That is very brave of you. My advice to you is to just be honest with them. Tell them how you are struggling and also tell them you doubts. This is probably not the first time they have been aproached by someone who has concerns like yours, so they will know whay to do. But I encourage you to go to them. They cannot help you if they do not know what is on your mind. hang in there.

Thank you. I’ll try to be

Thank you. I’ll try to be honest, and I’ll bring up my doubts.


You could write points you want to make and things you want to communicate about beforehand, in case you can't find the words in the moment.

That's a really good idea.

That's a really good idea. Thanks :)

You're welcome

Keep us posted on how it goes.

I will

I will

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