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What to expect

I have to try to return my body and mind to normal. I have only been eating "normal" for about three days, already I am having issues with extreme bloating and water weight. What can I expect from this process? When will things start to normalize out? I have had an ED for 14 years, I am not underweight because my metabolism has been slowed due to under-eating for over a year now. I just want to be normal and eat without thinking much about it or letting it rule my life. I want to be free.


I had that same problem for the first time in inpatient, this last time. For each person, it's going to be different, and it's really best to ask your team members, like a therapist, dietitian, or doctor. I know it kind of depends on how long you've been engaging in disordered behaviors, what type, and how extreme. Again, the best bet is to ask a professional who is working with you directly. Sorry to be so cryptic, but I don't want to give you an answer that might give you false hope, or anything like that.

I agree

Unfortunately, as alwaysthinking mentioned, it really varies from person to person, so the best answer will come from a medical professional, ie doctor, therapist psychiatrist, etc. It also depends on progress. I wish you the best as I am not a professional.

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