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sending off to treatment

most of you have seen me on this forum for the past year. I come and go and I have been trying my hardest Within the last few months I have just been struggling so badly, I am tired of having to fight so hard everyday. Of having to live with this eating disorder just controlling my life. I just want to get help with my issues, and be able to accept my body image problems and honestly just be able to look in the mirror and accept that it is ok to look the way I look. I am going for my evaluation on Monday and I have already taken multiple phone evals with the ED center that state I most likely am going to be a resident inpatient. I am nervous to take this next step but I know it is for the best and I need to do this to help myself and create a future for myself that is actually worth living. Even if this means I need to take off the rest of the year from school. I am really scared that I am not sick enough, or thin enough to receive treatment, I am nervous I really may just be making it up, but I guess we will see what treatment holds.

Best wishes

I hope you get the help you need. Take care, and if you're able to keep us updated, please do.


Hi Charliebarr-

I'm glad to hear you are seeking the support you need. I know it's scary but I am proud of you for taking this step towards recovery-- you are worth it. I will be thinking of you <3 Keep us posted.


Hi,I wish you the best. Sending you hugs to help you.

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