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I just wanted to post and say that every single person here, every single person with any disorder is deserving. You are deserving of recovery. You are deserving of freedom. Deserving of a life. It doesn't matter what pain you think your disorder has caused. You still deserving a fulfilling life. There is so much out there in this world. This world is waiting for us. To help out others, to support each other. We are all deserving don't let ANYONE, ED, depression, etc. tell you no. Today pick the choices that lead you to recovery. If you fall or trip pick yourself up and keep going. Why? Because you deserve it, don't let ANYONE else tell you otherwise. You deserve the world, every single day, every single hour, minute, second. You make the world a better place, don't ever give up. I will always be cheering you on! Don't think you don't deserve recovery, because you do. You do indeed.


Thank you

Thank you so much for posting this. I’ve been in an apathetic place with depression and chronic pain, and started wondering what the point of recovery is, feeling worthless etc. but I will keep pushing through and trying find some joy within my situation, and not let ED flare up after doing well in recovery for some time now.
You are such a kind, compassionate and brave soul. Thank you for bringing us hope with this post.


We are so glad this post is bringing some hope! We just wanted to post some resources since you mentioned that you were feeling worthless. You deserve to get support through these feelings!  

Please take care!

Of Course!

Anytime! I love trying to make the world a brighter place.

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