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Leaving on a jet plane...

Tomorrow I am flying to my residential program. I admit Sunday and I am getting anxious. I know it is a good thing but still getting really anxious. I woke up with a cold so that is no fun. I am exhausted but ready for this weekend I am glad work was ok today i might actually miss the kids and even most of my coworkers but it’s time to work on this stuff I really am not headed down a good path.


Are you allowed to have your phone/computer in the program? I would love to continue to hear how you’re doing and be able to encourage and support you though this forum. You’re doing a courageous thing and you’re in my prayers.


I can definitely understand the anxiety- overall I'm really glad you are going to take the time and space to do what you need to for your mental health and recovery. We're rooting for you <3

Best wishes

It's so ironic - I leave tomorrow on my vacation, and even though I'm driving, I had this song going thru my head right before I looked at your post! :) lol!! Anyway, best wishes, and I hope everything goes well.

Thanks everyone for the

Thanks everyone for the support I am scared about to pack just ate dinner getting ready for the trip and hopefully time to heal.

So proud of you!!! This is a

So proud of you!!! This is a huge step and you are not alone!!!

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