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Reaching a healthy weight in recovery

Hi, this is my first time using any forum, so sorry in advance.

I recently went to my doctor over food behaviours I have been struggling with for the last 10 years. Over that time I showed a lot of different ED behaviours regarding food,+ and my doctor has struggled to say more than I have a disorder, but it is too dificult to say which or what, but that I need help.

I was at a low weight before, but never looked for help. Now, I'm looking at help and at this point I am considered overweight.
Before commiting to a recovery process, I find myself struggling with whether going into recovery means I will always be this size, or whether I will be able to get to a healthy weight again.

I've struggled to find advice on this, as I don't feel my situation is typical.

I want to know, before entering this recovery, if I can work towards a healthy weight without triggering my old or current ED habits. I know it is a long way away, but it is also my biggest worry.

Thank you

Welcome to the forum!!!

First, I want to recognize how brave it is to post. Out of curiosity, why does the number matter so much? What does it represent? What would happen if you stayed at the weight you're at? Your worth is not dependent on a number. A number does not define who you are as a person. Plus our bodies are always changing. You are beautiful just as you are. Try to work with a professional to discover what's underneath and driving the eating disorder. I hope this helps some. Keep posting :-).


Welcome to the forum. Number one thing I want to mention is anyone at any weight can have an eating disorder. Usually in recovery, you are moving away from a number or a size. Those things in the long run don't matter, what does it being comfortable with your body at any size. What exactly is a healthy weight for you? How much does your weight versus being happy mean to you. I think it's great your reaching out for advice! You are strong and beautiful person, you deserve the world.


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