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Not sick enough

Hello again! I don't really know what I'm looking for out of posting this but I guess I'm just trying to put my confusion into words. Since going back to college things have not been going great, I've lost definitely more weight than I should have and, while I know that I am probably "sick," the fact that I had weight restored over the summer means that despite my weight loss I am not underweight. It's been decided by my family that I should go to a school closer to home next semester so that I can focus more on treatment, I am so scared to actually go back to my treatment team because they might tell me they can't help me because my weight isn't low enough. I just feel like this is such an unnecessary thing to be having to worry about on top of everything else, but I can't even really tell if it's an ED thought or a legitimate concern because in my last relapse I did have a doctor tell me I didn't need help because my BMI was normal. I know that going back to treatment, and probably something more intense than the regular outpatient I had been going to, is probably a good idea if I really want this recovery thing to stick once and for all, but I'm just so nervous about being rejected and invalidated.


It's not supposed to matter what your BMI is whether or not you get treatment. What matters is what your habits are and what your symptoms are. I went into inpatient recently and my BMI says I'm obese. But I was having symptoms that put me at an Extreme risk because I wasn't eating anything. So if you feel that you are needing help, find the people that are willing to help you. I'm sorry that you are feeling invalidated because no one deserves that. Take care and I hope you keep posting.