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hi guys, its been a while. i’ve been doing ok. i finally told someone about my anorexia since it has came back. I added a certain amount of pounds and i wanted to cry and im trying to get back to healthy. i either didnt eat or i over ate. so im trying to lose those pounds (even though i really shouldnt. a reason why i havent posted is because i really have been getting bullied. in school, we went on a trip and i was so excited for it, but it ended up with me crying every single day. we ate dinner one night and one of my behaviours started and the girls at my table started laughing at me and saying really horrible stuff. I told my friend that i had anorexia and she said if i would have told her sooner, she would have helped me out. My boyfriend has helped me through and my swim friends, but i just don’t enjoy going to school anymore. i really did want to d at one point but i convinced myself not to think about that. hope things are going well for you guys, and pardon the lowercase. i’ll try and update as much as i can.



Here for you. So sorry. Hugs.


Hope you will be okay soon. Hugs.


Hi TimetoShine-

It's good to hear from you again! I'm sorry you have been getting bullied recently- that must be so tough. I'm glad you have been able to be open about what you are going through, but it's unfortunate that some people have not been helpful. Mainly just wanted to say I'm sorry you're experiencing this at school and we are here for you. I hope that you continue posting and keep us updated with what you're going through <3

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