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Different this time around.

After a long hiatus, I’m starting to exercise again. It used to be something I was so addicted to and used as a self punishment, but then I just stopped. Exercise now is going for a walk with my dog, and enjoying the sunrise. I am trying to be mindful of all the ways I benefit from exercise other than calorie burning, and I really hope I can keep it as a way to get outside and enjoy life. Hope everyone is having a good weekend!


Good for you! That’s great that you are thinking about exercise in that way. I also was addicted to exercise. I exercise some now but mostly in a healthy way.
You have a good weekend too!


Hi Lillian-

That's so awesome to hear that you have been exercising with a different perspective- not for calorie burning and punishment, but enjoying being outside and the many other benefits. I know this has been an ongoing struggle for me, as I love to walk but it has been a compulsive behavior/done in excess while restricting in the past. It's an ongoing process to shift things in terms of exercise. Thank you so much for sharing!