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Feeling angry, nervous and a little hopeless

My husband starts a new job soon so our health insurance will change. I’m feeling really nervous about this change. The policy has a high deductible. The plan will start November 1st. It will be expensive to continue my medicine and therapy. I’ve already canceled an appointment with my psychiatrist and I have started cutting back on my medicine. I do plan to continue therapy through October until the new plan starts. This job change had to happen because we have to have a job but I’m really angry that I will no longer have mental health help. I still struggle to eat. I’m afraid of relapse. Also I feel a little hopeless with going off my medicine. I feel very alone and depressed.


That seems so wrong. I don't know what else to say, except I'm here for you and thinking of you. Hang in there.


Hi Blue44-

Also just wanted to show my support. I'm so sorry to hear this about the health insurance change and that you have been continuing to struggle. I'm here for you as well <3 You are not alone.

I’m sorry

I’m so sorry you have to go through this. Insurance controls so much of our lives and it’s frustrating that it can derail so much. Please be safe when coming off your medication, have you asked your doctor or a pharmacist about how to taper?
I care about you a lot and I’m here for you.
Hugs, Braveheart

Thanks so much

I appreciate the support. I am gradually coming off my medicine. I’m sure my psychiatrist would be upset with me if she knew I was coming off my medicine. Hopefully everything will work out. Thanks again for the support

Out of curiosity

Why are you coming off your meds that seem to help with suicidal ideation? Why aren't you including your psychiatrist in this very important decision?

It’s expensive

One of my meds is very expensive. I would have to pay for it until high deductible is met. We can’t afford it

Please include your psychiatrist

As this person may be able to figure out a different medication that could help.

Thanks for your concern

I guess you are right. Maybe I should involve my psychiatrist. I’ll try to make an appointment with her soon.

That's a great idea

I just want you to be emotionally healthy. Please keep us posted.

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