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sturggling but trying

I saw my therapist last night and it was really not great. She is well it feels done with me but I think its out of concern but I don't get why she wouldn't offer more support but she downed our sessions to once a week. She wants me to go residential she said what I did was dangerous and the psych unit may not have seen it but she knows me and I have had thoughts of it before but never attempted anything. She feels this is a concern and she said she wished the hospital saw it that way no it was not the worst but it could have gone worse I took a dangerous risk and with the thoughts she is concerned. I am hoping to up appointments with both my nutritionist and psychiatrist until I hopefully go residential. My therapist said I need to make drastic changes. I just need to feel support from other members of the team. I love my therapist and I know she loves me the sessions right now are just not great. I really hope this residential works out I feel I am losing my therapist and it hurts...I am doing my best to just go to work and do what needs to be done but it's a struggle. I am just wanting to hear back I want it.


I’m sorry to hear that your session with your therapist didn’t go well. I hope you get some good news about residential treatment soon. I’ll be thinking of you. Have a good day.

Tough love

It sounds like she's giving you some tough love, which is never easy to receive or accept. Hang in there. Hopefully you'll hear from the res program soon. Take care.

Thanks for the support. I am

Thanks for the support. I am on a wait list for 3-4 months but we will see. My therapist just doesn’t know what to do anymore and feels she is doing a disservice to me or so my nutritionist said. They all just want me to go to residential and I understand.

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