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I think it’s important I come to terms with this. I’m definitely facing a relapse here. I kept thinking I was just having slip ups here and there and that I still had total control, but my friends and coworkers are making frequent comments about my skipping meals, so I think I need to be honest with myself.

I don’t know exactly when I strayed from the path but I guess it’s been a bit of a long time coming. I’m ready to make a change and hold others accountable with me - let’s get back on track together!!



I think it is really important that you are being honest with yourself about where you're at. Definitely the first step to be able to address it and get back on track. You sound in a motivated mindset for recovery- let us know how we can best support you and hold you accountable. Keep us posted <3

Good for you

It's good that you're recognizing it and it sounds like you're ready to address it as well. Here to support you and hope that things get back on track soon. Take care


It’s good that you recognize a relapse. That’s the first step. You can overcome the eating disorder. You are strong. Keep posting for support. We are here for you.

Relapse and Recovery

Hi LastOneFastOne. Maintaining recovery is a process, and relapse is a part of that process for many. I wanted to share the link to NEDA’s page about Relapse and Recovery, check it out if you think it might be helpful -

Thanks, everyone!

Really appreciate your support! Definitely been a bit of a roller coaster the last few days, but I’m starting to really understand who my true friends are also because though I’ve never shared my struggles with them, they seem to understand and are very gently trying to nudge me in the right direction (encouraging me to join them for meals, join in potlucks, participate in fun workout classes, and generally promoting a healthy body image).

I have to say, I think the people I work have created a much healthier environment than I’m used to. It’s lovely! Thanks again for the support - hope all is well!


I'm so glad to hear that you have some solid support around you- that makes such a great difference. That's wonderful news :) Know that you continue to have our support as well. Keep us posted on how you're doing <3

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