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Hope in the dark

Last night was really rough, and I was feeling very hopeless. Thank you guys for your support on my last post. Lunch today was a hot mess. I went out to lunch with my parents. The food wasn’t so much what made me anxious, only a little. But my mom ordered an alcoholic beverage, and the entire time, I was fighting an extremely strong urge to just down it. I realized my addiction issue probably extends a little farther. Because I’ve made excuses for myself to find things to substitute for it, and the fact that it was so difficult to abstain from drinking today made me much more conscious of this. I beat myself up for a while, felt more depressed and hopeless over it.. but now I realize that figuring this out now is better than winding up at rock bottom again. Having urges to turn to addiction doesn’t make me a bad person, just like urges for the eating disorder doesn’t make anyone a bad person. It’s our intentions and actions that matter. That even when we struggle and stumble and slip, we get back on track and want recovery. I feel a little bit of hope in the darkness today. Just wanted to share.

Thank you

For sharing. It shows a lot of strength and determination to resist going to things that hurt us, so kudos!! I am glad you are feeling better today.


How are you doing tryingtobebrave?


Thank you for asking, I just made a new post.

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