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Too much.

Gave in and binge, now I hate myself and this problem and want to cry. Wish I could give up forever:(sorry.

You don’t have to be sorry

You don’t have to be sorry for posting, we’re here to support you. I know it can feel hopeless when you give into using a behavior, but recovery isn’t perfect. Having slips is normal. And each time is an opportunity to use what you’ve learned to fight it the next time. I’m so sorry you’re feeling down. I’m here for you.

me, too

here for you, too. just keep trying. today is a new day. put yesterday behind you and start again today.

I too have BED

Need you here and posting and to never give up. Much in common and yet we're all unique. Since I still have to eat food and then find myself in (food-la-la land), my success is managing it, like folks do with many conditions. I've mentioned I actually have "remissions" at times. Soooo wonderful but when I don't, LIKE NOW.. I search out and find a 24/7 on line group for acceptance, compassion, understanding and support like this precious Forum. I hate this disorder, too but not myself. CC


Thank you so much, your all nice.


Hi Readinggirl! We’re sorry you are feeling upset and hopeless right now. Since you mentioned some concerning feelings we wanted to post some resources in case you need support through these thoughts. 

Please take care.