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I literally think I am going crazy. I’m so depressed today. This one girl said something about my ED (how i really didnt eat anything) and added really mean comments right afterwards and while she was doing so, I ran to the bathroom to purge but one of my friends who used to have anorexia helped me out and stayed in the stall with me while I had a panic attack and convinced me not to purge. To make the day EVEN BETTER, because of my panic attack, my head hurt so bad and I really wasn’t thinking and I forgot my mom asked me to help pack and she told me to stay in the place i’m going to for my school trip and I had a complete mental breakdown while she yelled at me and she is so mad. She doesn’t understand what I went through today. I get she has a lot of stress from my dad making her pack by herself (we are moving) but she didn’t need to take it out on me. Like my day was horrible and she had to put the cherry on the sundae. Other than today, the past couple days have been fine. In my last post, you guys knew how happy I was and I don’t know why it left. It felt pretty good. The ED monster was calling back to me again. I thought he went away :(


Hi TimeToShine

I'm so sorry to hear you had such a stressful and hard day, it seemed like one thing just kept happening after the next. I'm so happy your friend was there to help you get through purging and the panic attack.
Sometimes we just wish our parents knew what we went through and just lay off our case sometimes, but it's impossible for them to know unless we openly tell them. That's something that I've had to overcome in the past but realized it changed my recovery process and my relationships with my parents (in such a tremendous way).
If you're still feeling upset and want someone, I know NEDA's helpline is operating until 9pm ET tonight. I'll attach the link below.
I hope things start to get better for you and keep in touch. <3


so sorry things aren't going as well for you as they had been. do what you can to take care of yourself and just keep fighting. thinking of you and here for you


Hi TimetoShine-

I'm so sorry to hear about your difficult day. Just wanted to check in and see how you are feeling today? Recovery is full of ups and downs- I hope that you are able to be gentle with yourself. Some days will be rough but you will get through- we're here for you as you continue in your journey <3

a bit better

I felt pretty angry today for some reason and i dont know why. Hopefully things get better later today


i learned the other day about compartmentalization. a fancy way of saying it's okay to feel various emotions like anger. we just have to experience them and feel them instead of shoving them away and pushing them aside, and it's a healthier way to deal with it. hope you can deal with your anger in a positive way and just allow yourself to feel it and not stuff it, because that's not healthy. anger turned inside is anxiety and that only hurts yourself.