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BED habits coming back now that I'm back at college

Over the summer, I was diagnosed with BED. I spent the whole summer transforming my life and my habits and eventually was able to get to a recovery point. However, now that I am back in my college (one that is out of state) and back to dealing with the stress of being a female college student, I find myself going back to my old habits. Does anyone have any tips/advice for when this happens?


Hi I'llgetthere-

I can definitely relate, as I tended to do a lot better in my recovery over the summer at home and the college environment was always very difficult for me ED wise. Do you have any supports you could lean on during the semester? I know for me, having weekly counseling sessions really helped as well as friends I met up with that were going through similar mental health/ED challenges. There would be times I would slip up and binge, but I think it's all about knowing recovery is going to be messy and not linear. I know it can be tough and easy to feel like we are backsliding sometimes- but just know that recovery is going to be full of ups and downs, and all we can do is keep taking it one day at a time. Be gentle with yourself- as your username says, you will get there <3 Keep us posted on your journey, we're here for you.

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