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I think it will be okay.

So my parents found me a new person to help me with this problem. She's nice and trying to help me, she also gets this and isn't blaming me hiding food and binge eating. I think it's going to be okay soon. I can tell her the things that I can't tell my parents, like when I want to h u r t myself because it's too much. She also gave me her email address and phone number and said that when I need her, to let her know. She told me that her daughter had a eating disorder when she was my age and will do anything to help me out. I wanted to tell you this. Hugs to all.

That's great to hear!!!

I'm really happy you are seeing someone who can help you professionally. Keep us posted on how things go.

glad for you

so glad things are working out


I'm really glad that you have someone to help you that is supportive and understanding- and that you are feeling positive about recovery. This is a really awesome step forward and I am so happy for you <3 Keep us posted on how you're doing.


Thank you all so much. Hugs