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Another update- finally happy?

So my week has been pretty crazy but chill at the same time. My relationship is steady, I'm doing well in class, my friendships are going well, and I saw my trigger again but I didn't let him get to me. Only thing is that at school, I don't eat lunch, like maybe I'll have small portion but not a normal amount. I'm also moving for the first time ever so packing and moving has been pretty crazy. Swimming has also been taking my mind off of my life. I haven't let anyone take me down for once and I really am taking recovery serious. I want to get better. I want to not hurt. It gets pretty tiring and I really want things to stop. I watched this one video on how your life is pretty important and seeing all the people hurt around made me really want to stop. I'm going on a school trip so I will finally be not around my parents for a week and I can chill and not be yelled at and hurt. I hope things are going well for you. This might sound a bit cheesy, but I'm finally going to live up to my username.


I’m so happy for you! And I

I’m so happy for you! And I don’t think that’s cheesy at all. It made me really happy to see this post. You’ve worked so hard and it shows :)

way to go

it's super that you have done so much thinking and reflecting, and i hope things continue to work out for you.