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Struggling with people staring

I am new to this forum and I have been coming to term with the fact that I have anorexia. I thought my over exercising and eating habits were normal till it started to affect my university grades, friendships, and other relationships. Does anyone else have a hard time when you see people stare you up and down? I am starting to become very insecure about it and embarrassed.

Also during my last semester in university I had one professor who was very triggering, I could tell that she struggled too. I feel like I have no one in my life I can talk to because no one would understand. I know my teacher was really nice and said I could talk to her about whatever I needed to talk about so would opening up to her first be a good idea? Maybe she could try and find me help on campus too? I just want to clarify she is no longer my teacher and will never be and I'm not wanting her to be my therapist but simply just to talk.

Hi rryp37

I wanted to first welcome you to the forums and congratulate you on wanting to take the first step in recovery. It can be a very tough road to come to grips that something might not be normal and there could possibly be a problem. I'm also a college student and have dealt with the hatred of people staring at me. Regardless of my weight or clothes, I always felt people were looking me up and down and started to feel unsafe. It made me change who I was by changing what I would normally wear to not stick out, and to take extra percautions to make sure I was safe at all times. But after talking to my therapist and overcoming that fear, I wear whatever I want that day and don't bat an eyelash to whoever may look at me.

One thing that always seems to be is that we're alone through this journey, but we actually aren't because we have resources like these forums and helplines. If you feel as if you can talk to your old professor about what you're going through then I think that's a great idea to start. It seems like they are understanding and can be a great step in the right direction. Regardless if they are able to help you find help on or off campus, I know NEDA has a map of different providers that specialize in eating disorders. I'll attach that link below, along with the helpline information.

Keep in touch. <3