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I have had binge eating disorder since I was 12- I’m 23 now. I am so desperate to finally be able to eat out with friends and eat my moms home cooked meals again without being scared of bingeing. I’m ready to not have food dominate my life. I am currently seeing a therapist, and I want this so bad, but I’m also so scared to failing. Every single time I try to stop bingeing, I find myself in the same position again. I was so ready to not binge today, but here I am, just binged, and I feel sick. I feel so lost and hopeless.


are you able to get a therapist or other professional help? you deserve to have the support of someone who understands the disorder and can help you deal with it. i hope things work out for you. if you don't have a therapist who specializes in e.d., maybe you could call neda and ask for them to do a search for you in your area for someone who does and takes your insurance, etc.


Hello! For precaution, just because you mentioned feeling hopeless we just wanted to post some resources in case you need some support:  

Please take care!

thank you for posting here GTGH

Abbreviations are just easier. Is this o.k.? I'm a BED (grazing style) food addict. Can do it for 2-3 hrs. trying to finally eat the thing that will shut up my food devil (I call it). Mine started abruptly about your age as well. Now I'm over 3 times your age. I've had periods of blessed "remission". This just isn't one of them. Was actually gonna start a group called "been there, done that". I hear you loud and clear. There are very caring supportive folks here. This is the 1st 24/7 on line support group I've found in a LONG time. Please hang in and hang on. CC


Hello Goingtogethealthy-

I'm so sorry to hear that you are continuing to struggle with BED- I know how tough it is. I'm glad that you have been working with a therapist- I just want to encourage you in that counseling was key to my recovery from BED- but it was not an instant fix (nothing is). It took several years of therapy sessions while I was still actively binging, doing well for a while, backsliding- until by grace finally arriving at a place of stable recovery. I just want to encourage you to keep going- even in developing deeper understanding of the roots of the behavior in therapy does not make it immediately vanish. Keep being gentle with yourself and take things one day at a time. I can hear the motivation to recover and have freedom from food- it is possible. Keep us posted on how you're doing, we're here to support you through your journey <3