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update on therapy

Saw my therapist today it did not go well. she is at a loss I told her the dumb thing I did and she said basically she didn't know whether to drive me to the hospital or what. she asked me what I thought she should do...she is at a loss and I feel just hopeless. It's not her fault I need to do things but I am just emotionally spent. Now this week I am seeing my doctor to make sure there are no medical complications from it Tuesday then her again Wednesday and then my psychiatrist Thursday she even called my mom today. my mom saw me and didn't say much acted normal. I told a close friend and she said she always worries about losing me and she feels my therapist cares about me too and feels that way as well. I wish I could just be better for people but I can't.


ItsIt's time to admit to the hospital, not only for safety, but for mental health. Especially if you can't handle it. I hope you feel better soon.

take care

take care of yourself. if you know you are struggling, you need help, and it may be time for a psych hospital for that type of help. think of it as a mental break. you deserve to get the help you truly need. if your therapist and friends are concerned, you probably should get that help now, before you deteriorate too badly. what would you tell a friend if she were experiencing the same symptoms and behaviors as you? you deserve whatever advice you would give that friend. i care and want you safe.

Thank you both for the

Thank you both for the support. I see my whole treatment team this week and I will be honest. I honestly don’t know how the decision to not hospitalize me yesterday came about. I just need to see my team this week and work our a plan if I feel unsafe I will go to the hospital and just be honest. It may be time because it could get worse I have done some very self destructive things in the past 2 weeks. Thank you for caring so much .


 Hi hermione3! We’re glad you reached out to the forumsSince you mentioned some concerns about hopelessness, we wanted to post some resources in case you need support through these thoughts. 

 Please take care.

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