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I have been eating a low amount of calories for recovery but I have still gained weight. I’m at a healthy weight, but I still don’t have my period or normal hunger cues. I’m really scared to increase because I’m very confident in my body now, and I’m scared to return to my pre-ed body. I feel like i can’t increase now, and the only way to increase is to be underweight. Everyone I see in recovery eats so much and barely gains. I’m not sure how, but I would really like to increase, and not have to worry about the “set point theory”. I’m not sure if that theory is true or not? I’m not sure now that I’m at a healthy weight if I’ll go back to my set point if I increase?

Also if the set point theory is true is it just based on the number you weigh? For example I could be heavier than ever, but look more fit due to strength training, would be at my body’s set point? Or does set point influence the appearance of your body also?


do you have a dietician or therapist with whom you can discuss these issues, because they are the ones who can give you the best answers and advice

I don’t. I was hoping someone

I don’t. I was hoping someone might have been in the same situation, and possibly have advice.

The best advice

Would come from a medical professional. We are not allowed to give this type of advice on this site. It really varies from person to person, so unfortunately without your medical background nor labs, or recent check ups, nor your medical history, we are unable to answer that. Your best bet is contact psychiatrist, therapist and registered dietitian. I'm sorry if this doesn't answer the question.

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