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I don’t get it

Yes, I know I have an eating disorder, I know I need X amount of calories, I know how much exercise is healthy BUT I JUST CANT DO IT!! it drives me crazy. I don’t understand how I can be ruining my body, but not stop???? Does anyone else feel this way? It makes me feel stupid, yet I can’t seem to change....

i can relate

I can relate on so many levels. When I look at food, I automatically calculate the nutritional info. Whenever I exercise, I unconsciously calculate how much i burned and always try to reach a specific number. And when I eat, it seems like instinct to restrict how much I eat. There is just like a wall there that keeps me from not acting on behaviors. I even get mad when I cannot act on my behaviors, eventhough I know they are not healthy. Sometimes I just cannot stop myself from using behaviors. I do not really have any advice, I just wanted to say that I feel you and you are in no way stupid.

same here

i'm struggling with the same thing. i'm in inpatient right now and am allowed on the computer because i just ate 100%, and it was terrifying. but before this, i've been restricting like crazy, even though i know it's not good for me, and exercising and doing other things not healthy for me, even though i know i know it's not good for me. it's hard, and that's when it's time to ask for help. just do your best. we're here for you.

So frustrating

Ughh it’s so frustrating. Thanks for all the support tho.

I get you

I’m about to eat dinner with my family right now and I can’t stop shaking. You’re not alone in this struggle. We’re all here to support you <3

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