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How to make progress with BED

Have to go with what I do, not what I aspire to and where I still need improvement. That is if I'm to get to my "peaceful place" my tri-fecta (actually 4 things) of sorts. And, that is across the board, healthy and tasty moderate and conscious eating. Tall order, as my subconscious addicted food brain still ambushes me. Does not care about all my struggling history and painful consequences of overeating. Shining the light on it whenever I can. Making plans for my trouble times of the day. Managing this condition takes so much work! CC


I know what you're saying. I was just saying the other day that this should not be this difficult. Something that other people consider a walk in the park, and they don't even think twice about it is such a struggle for the rest of us. Whether it's because we are struggling to be able to eat or struggling to be able to control what we are eating , it's still the same battle. And it really should not be such a struggle and yet it is. So I'm here with you as always. Always thinking of you :-)

thanks ATK...later...

house cleaner coming...have to 1/2 clean the house just so she can clean...get it, anyone? CC

and now the food

I'm here because I'm desperate to stop eating. Like I said, I get like some automaton. I guess I'd better call the help line. I just want to yell at this thing. LEAVE ME ALONE!

called...had to leave a message

said they'd call me back...not so far...going to brush my teeth...don't know what else to do


Don't forget you have the texting option if you can't reach them on the phone

can't keep up with "stuff"

can't I'll learn or do something new and then it's old already. I'm from the manual typewriter, manilla folders files, rolodex and I still use my cell flip phone. Nothing except the old fashioned people contact helps me manage my BED.

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