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I just went on a web search to look at HEALTHY diets, because I noticed my weight fluctuating too much. While I was searching, I stumbled across several diets that should NOTe open to anyone that searches maniacally for diets. Any person with an ED that sees these might try them, when these diets should be restricted to people who go to a dietician with specific dietary needs. I have also found many experimental diets that were obviously posted by someone who had not researched very well. I think that these sites should be taken down or at least get some angry emails about it.

Is there a way that the NEDA organization can get together members to scout out these sites and report them?

Crazy Diets !

Yeah, no kidding about the sorts of "diets" that are out there these days ! And really, I think screwball diets have been a thing even since people first became concerned about their weight.

Some of the diets you see on ED sites are even worse, as far as their ridiculousness is concerned. "I'm doing good on this diet !" "I'm still doing good on this diet !" "Sorry I've not been around for a while, I was hospitalized for a while because of this diet".

I'm not sure what anyone can do about these sorts of irresponsible diets though. In one form or another they seem to have been a part of the landscape forever. My guess is that the way to tell how irresponsible they are is to pay attention to the nature of the miraculous claims that they make ? Which, of course, are the very things that draw people in in the first place.

What about us?

Being on the "media watchdog" forum, I feel that there should be ways that we could be informed on how to report these sites or discern between real claims and dangerous claims. Do you think that there is anything the NEDA organization itself is doing/can do that will help put an end to those sites??