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I told my mother that the doctor and dietician believe I have an eating disorder. I was already pretty far along in terms of acceptance, like I'm willing to go to intensive outpatient, I understand I have a bit of a problem, etc. But then talking with my mom sent me straight back into some strong denial. She doesn't believe I have an eating disorder. We laughed together about the idea of me having an ED.

Being home I always eat more around them because I can't get away with not eating so I suspect she'll never believe it. I don't even know if I believe it anymore. I feel really confused and I think I'm done talking to family about this.


I can relate to eating more around family But that doesn’t mean that I don’t have an eating disorder. You said that your doctor and your dietitian believe you have an eating disorder. Please take the professional advice and get whatever treatment that they suggest. Take care.


Hi Immortalturtle-

I can imagine that's really difficult to feel invalidated by your mother in what you're going through- I just want to remind you that just because you eat more at home does not mean there isn't a problem going on- that you and several professionals have identified. I can imagine it's really confusing to be swayed otherwise, but I hope that you will know that you are deserving of support for what you are going through (even if that isn't always visible to others) and get the treatment you need.

Hope to hear from you again soon, we're here for you <3