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So I lost weight....

So I have lost weight since my mom last weighed me a week ago. She doesn’t know yet and I know she’ll be worried but i can’t help feeling pleased. I’m past any weight loss goals I have ever made and it feels good. I know that in reality I’m in a danger zone but I can’t see it; all I can see is everything I want to lose.
The logical side of me is worried that I’ll be told I can’t run or that I’ll even have to be admitted into inpatient. I love to run and I’ve been doing it for years, so it’s not a new thing I just got into to lose weight and I’m at a critical and exciting point of my education so getting admitted would be awful.
Unfortunately my emotions haven’t caught up to that logic yet. Can anyone else speak to this?


I can relate to feeling good about weight loss. I think that is pretty common with anorexia. I have also had issues with exercise. It would be a good idea to follow advice of professionals even if that means inpatient. Take care.