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How to start treatment

I'm wondering what to do. I have a mental illness and receive individual therapy for it but now that my symptoms from that have seemed to fade it's uncovered some severe anxiety and disordered eating. All my thoughts revolved around food, planning, exercise, and weight. I eat until I'm overly stuffed and almost throwing up. Luckily I have celiac disease and avoid processed food so I'm binging on certain food most of the time but I'm miserable. My brain tells me eat or die. I love my current therapist but she says she doesn't have experience treating eating disorders.

I'm wondering if there are resources so she can continue to treat me or what treatment I should seek. I want a healthy relationship with food. I'm preparing for medical school and believe that food is medicine but the way I'm using it now is killing me. Any and all help is appreciated.

Dear meggspaul, we would like

Dear meggspaul, we would like to inform you that we edited your post to remove metions of specific food items that could be triggering to other members. You can review our community guidelines here. Based on your post, we would also like to pass on some crisis numbers. This number is really important to have: (800)273-TALK(8255). If you don't feel comfortable talking, please text "NEDA" to 741741 or visit one of these websites: - online chat -online chat or text 906-356-3337 online chatPlease be safe! 


We're not allowed to give advice like that. Your best bet is to call Neda and ask them if they can give you some resources or other therapists in your area that do treat eating disorders. Best wishes in your Pursuit and I hope things go better