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Finally made myself eat after a week of no food. Trying not to freak out and compensate for it even though it was hardly anything at all. I hope that's okay to say. Still waiting to hear back from the Third eating Treatment Center and in a way I'm at peace with it regardless of what they say. I've been reminding myself of all the positive things that happen if I eat. Don't know if it's going to help me eat more yet but I'm trying. At any rate, I'm not giving up. This means my life. And I intend to live it.

Good for you!

I’m glad that you were able to eat something this morning. It’s great that you are thinking positively about the third treatment center. Keep working hard. I hope that you get some good news today.

Food again

So I ate some more little bit later and I was feeling really confident about it until by 1:30 I still haven't heard from the treatment facility. So I called them and was told that they would get back with me a little bit later. By 3:30, I still hadn't heard so I called them again. I was told that they would definitely get back with me. It is now 5 and I still haven't heard. I'm going completely nuts here and I ended up compensating for what I ate because the stress was too much. And I also feel that I will not be able to eat again because every time I do I end up compensating and that is not healthy for me either. I'm just so frustrated with myself and I feel like such a failure. I was feeling so positive and confident earlier and now I just feel like a total disaster and that I am just as defective as I always have felt I am. I honestly still do not know what I'm going to do if they don't accept me since the eating / not eating/ compensating is totally out of control. I really feel that there are very few people in my life that are wanting to help me or can help me. Is there even any help for me anymore?