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Just Wondering

I was wondering if everyone overshoots in recovery or if it depends on the person and their body?


Are you referring to weight? I have been out of PHP treatment for about 7 months. I have lost slightly. I feel that my current weight is my set point. Then again it could be my eating disorder saying a lower weight is my set point. I do believe that everyone is different though. Do you have a dietitian? A dietitian can be very helpful.

Yes, I am referring to weight

Yes, I am referring to weight. Sorry for not being specific before. I don’t have a dietitian, but I am not sure if a dietitian would be able to answer this question or not.

I think it depends.

Hi GabbiG - I think that no two people's recoveries will look exactly the same. Each of our bodies is so different, and I do think it's important to give our bodies whatever they need to heal - it's just going to be a different journey for each person. Do you have a support team who could give you some guidance here?

I agree I think it depends,

I agree I think it depends, but I’m working on recovery with my family only. I’m not necessarily worried about overshooting (although some days are harder than others) I trying to learn what might happen to my body as I continue to recover and cope with whatever happens.