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Seriously annoyed and angry

So it appears I'm not going into any hospital at all. I'm so angry at the ER doctor first I was angry at him because he came in there and I was saying all that stuff that I posted under Hospital. The stuff about how I had nothing medically wrong with me and so it was a mental issue and I'm so sick of everybody turning everything into my mental health issues. But now I am spitting mad and seriously annoyed because when I got home oh, yes the psychiatric hospital denied me because I did not qualify for psychiatric hospitalization as I told them, I looked at the reports from the ER visit and discovered that my blood work was all over the place. I had lab work and stuff that Obviously should have shown the doctor that I needed medical attention. But no, he's convinced that it's all my depression and anxiety and that I need to just follow up with my therapist. I want to smack the man and I am not a violent person in any way. I am so frustrated and annoyed and yes downright angry. And I never get angry at anybody but myself. So this anger actually was a positive thing at first oh, because it motivated me to be able to eat when I got home. However, I am now absolutely freaking out about it and I know I still need help. The question is oh, where do I get it? Because everywhere I turn people keep telling me to go somewhere else. I need someone to do this for me because I can't do it myself which is why I went to the hospital in the first place. Why can't anybody understand that? I feel like I am on a losing battle oh, and I'm terrified that I'm going to lose my life if I can't get the help I need. And I don't want that. I want to live. But my medical doctor tells me to go see my psychiatrist. My psychiatrist tells me to see my therapist. My therapist told me to go to the hospital. The hospital told me to see my psychiatrist. I just keep getting tossed back and forth from one person to another and nobody's getting me the help I need. I think what I'm going to have to do is call an eating disorder facility and see if they'll take me even though my insurance is not going to cover it right now. Hopefully, the fact that I qualify for most places for the poverty level will convince them to take me. Because if they don't I don't know what I'm going to do.

This is a hard question, I'm sorry

Can you talk here, like you were in some hospital therapy group? ('cause I've been to the best and that's an important part what they do). Everyone here will listen to you even if the professionals won't. Since my disorder is not the same how about bridging the gap between what your conscious sensible mind and your subconscious drive is telling you. For me I find I have a moment when I have a choice to go for help HERE and shine a bright, clear light on my situation and my own particular process, for me overeating, for you not eating. Do you have that moment ATK? You're a special, unique person and have your own nuances. Can you respond? Sometimes my addiction to overeating will stop me from getting clinical, and being instead my own nurse or big sister or friend and I get lost in any emotion angry, sad, frustrated etc., anything. You're right. You keep telling them it's more behavior, not mental health, right? We are here for you. CC


Can't really get into too much because it's trauma-based and we're not allowed to. But thank you. And I'm calling around different centers today to try to find some place that might accept me.


I hope that you are able to find a treatment center to help you.

Yes look for an eating

Yes look for an eating disorder treatment center. They know what to look for in blood work! They know what is dangerous where the regular doctors don't always in my opinion.


I'm so sorry you're going through this-- it does sound so frustrating to keep being bounced back and forth to different people and not getting the support you need right now. I can understand feeling angry about that. I hope you are able to find an ED treatment center & get the help you deserve. Praying for you- keep us posted <3

Ed centers

Have had two assessments today on the phone and I'm about to call another one for another assessment. Just unsure as to how to pick which one I want. One place I've attended before and I really like them and yet they don't deal with the trauma. One place deals with trauma and yet I don't like the idea of the food that they serve because I'm a picky eater. The other place sounds really good so I'm leaning towards that. Of course it depends what place accepts me and I also have to wait until my medicare resets next week. Thanks everybody for all of your support. I really appreciate it. And I saw my doctor today and he wasn't too concerned about the blood work either but said that it is going to get increasingly worse if I don't eat. Which I know. So he has a follow-up with me in 2 weeks oh, that is if I'm still here and not in an eating disorder Center by then. He also took some blood work at my appointment right then. So he is at least taking me seriously and trying to keep up with my medical side. I appreciate that. Again, thank you everybody for your support

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