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Day Six

So I had a major ‘oops’ today. The guy at my swimming wanted to know more about my issues so I by accidentally blurted out my Anorexia story. I was so scared he was going to judge so I said I was really sorry if I made things weird, and He was like no, its alright. I have issues too. I’m semi proud that I got it out, but it could have ended so bad, Anyways, today was also pretty smooth and I still haven’t weighed myself. I swam today by myself and that was pretty fun. I haven’t decided on what i’m doing tomorrow but yeah. Hopefully your guys day was good! Also, one last thing, my guy best friend is really closed off so I know something bad happened. Kind of scared. We only had one conversation and it was pretty stupid but I really don’t know whats up with him. Time will tell.


Update (something bad.)

So I weighed myself just now (im glad I did) and i’m at my second lowest weight i’ve ever been. I don’t know what’s happening. I was at a good weight 3 days ago, and now i’m scared. I have done everything right and i’m freaking out. I’ve ate a lot more in my recovery so I’m confused and want to cry. Help.

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