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Day 5

Today went pretty smooth. I ate breakfast (a little less than I have been but I think thats ok), and had no ED behaviours. My Anorexia monster is on vacation right now, so its pretty nice. As for the guy at my swimming, I took the advice some of you have gave me and have shared a bit of information about me and my issues. I’m doing a plan- telling him the not-so-bad stuff (my anxiety and my parents), and as I get to know him better, i’ll tell him worse and harder things to share (suicide and anorexia). I’m really happy today for some reason, even thought the people around me aren’t. My best friend won’t tell me whats wrong with him right now (I know something is up) and he told me he is ok and I don’t need to worry (which is making me worry more). I feel bad because they are all having bad days, and i’m having a good day. I feel I should make myself unhappy to match with them, but i’m not going to do that because then my ed will get to the best of me, so i’m keeping my head held high and having a smile in my face, because I do deserve it. I’ve been so unhappy, more depressed than everyone else, so I deserve to smile and laugh instead of me making myself unhappy to please other people who are having it bad. I don’t know if that makes sense.... Anyways, today went well, and i’m proud of myself, no binge eating, and no restricting. I actually haven’t even weighed myself in two days, so I am overcoming hopefully that bad behaviour maybe!?


Great job!!!

I'm so very proud of you and encouraged that you allowed yourself to be happy, even though others weren't. That's a big step. It can be hard to do that sometimes. Good job on your recovery progress! I had a similar day. I got my nails done today. It was SO relaxing. Do you have any plans this weekend?


I agree. You don't have to make your mood match everybody else's. If that's what's going to make them happy then they're not really your friends. They should be happy that you are happy. Even if they're depressed, they should be happy if you are happy. It's okay for you to have different moods. Being empathetic is simply feeling for the other person and wanting to help them. It doesn't mean that you have to be in the same mood as they. I hope that helps. And I do understand what you meant. And congratulations on accomplishing day 5.

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