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treatment troubles

Hi -

My treatment team has basically said that if there isn't enough progress in the near future that I'll have to step up to the next level of care. For me that would be intensive outpatient. I am trying so hard to follow the meal plan and get better but it's all happening so fast. I only accepted my ED like 2 weeks ago and even still I feel like it's so hard to get my actions to match where my head feels like it's at.

I am so scared that this is going to derail my life unless I get my act together but it's all moving so fast and I'm not ready for this.

Don’t be so hard on yourself

You said you had only accepted eating disorder a couple of weeks ago so give yourself some time. Just do your best. Eating disorders are easier to treat when caught early so be open to whatever treatment your team suggests. Keep up the fight. You can do it.

And don't feel like you're

And don't feel like you're failing if you do need to step up. That was the best thing for me

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