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Day Four

Doing a lot better today. I haven’t even thought once about my ED and I ate a normal amount, pretty proud of myself. My monster I guess today is on vacation (thank goodness.) I’ve been happy and laughing the entire day, which is a good thing. How are all of you? The guy at my swimming is so sweet and nice, and i’m contemplating on telling him or not. My decision is to wait a bit longer so I know I can fully trust him. Anyways, my mom now isn’t mad at me anymore, but she still hasn’t apologized for what she said to me. It was pretty hurtful, telling me life would be easier without me.



I'm glad that the guy is very sweet and I think you're right about waiting a bit to see if you can trust him. I have issues with not trusting people at all and then blurting out my entire life history to people who give me a little bit of caring. I've been counseled to share things in increments to see what people can handle and then gradually give them the big news so to speak. Maybe you can do that with him. Maybe you can talk about something that you think he can relate to like parents and see how he responds. If he is empathetic and continues to show that he cares then maybe you can continue to open up more and share about your eating disorder. Just an idea. Just don't want to see anyone get hurt. Especially after the comment that your mom made.


Hi TimetoSHhine-

I'm so glad that you are feeling on track in terms of recovery and taking steps to fight back ED! I agree with the previous poster in that maybe you could work up to that point in terms of disclosure- and I don't think it's a bad idea to continue building trust before sharing. I've also had times in the past where I blurted out everything too quickly and things became too intense too quickly in those relationships. I'm sorry about the comment that your mom made, that must have been very hurtful. I hope you continue to know that you have support here- keep us updated on how you're doing <3

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