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Doing well and trying to not complain because my therapist thinks I do too much but I still feel down and she I feel thinks it’s just me being negative by choice but I don’t think it’s all that my PTSD is bad right now and I feel my depression creeping up I just can be high functioning so people don’t always buy it...I see ,y psychiatrist tomorrow I don’t know how can I be doing well behavior wise but still depressed...

I understand

I hope your appointment goes well tomorrow. Do not feel like you are complaining. I understand that you could be doing well behavior wise but be depressed because I have the same issue. Sorry you are having a hard time with PTSD. Food stuff is still hard for me but most of the time I follow my meal plan. Yet I’m very depressed. Try to be gentle with yourself. Thinking of you.

I hope your appointment with

I hope your appointment with your psychiatrist goes well tomorrow. Don’t feel like you’re complaining, that’s what we’re here for, to support each other. Ptsd and depression can be really hard to cope with, and I commend you for how you keep pushing forwards inspite off all you’re going through. You don’t choose to have a mental illness. But I see you doing well behavior wise regardless and that’s something to be proud of.
Hugs, Braveheart


I ditto the above. And I understand what you mean about the high functioning part because I'm the same way people think I'm doing okay when I'm actually absolutely in the Pittsville. Just because I'm able to do all sorts of activities doesn't mean I'm not depressed. It just means I can't stand not to do anything. So you keep posting and letting us know how things are going and just as a side point have you ever thought of getting a different therapist? She doesn't seem to be very supportive.

My therapist is very

My therapist is very supportive i just never change if that makes sense i complain a lot to her I think she just doesn't trust me and really that is because i have lied to her and that is one thing she hates. her rules are like don't lie to her and she has let me slide on that a lot. i am honest but in my time and she is being fair and she is the most supportive person in my life. I think it is hard when I have been saying like I am depressed forever it hardly changes. the high functioning thing I think doesn't help either because I just am able to do what I need to do I can shower but that is because I am too ocd on my routines so who knows what is what. my therapist believes I won't recover if I don't take space from my parents and she is right and I know it. I do see my psychiatrist tomorrow my therapy session was short today because I was late due to traffic as it was stormy here she had to be somewhere after me so she is giving me extra time Saturday.

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