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Depression after weight restoration

I was in a treatment center for 1 year for anorexia. After being weight restored I have been very depressed. Is this normal in recovery? I spend a lot of my day sleeping or just wanting to sleep. Sometimes I don’t want to wake up.


Hi, Blue44! Thank you for posting. When you get the chance, please take a look at our community guidelines here: Since you mentioned some concerning feelings we just want to provide you with some resources to reach out to:

Please take care and we hope that you get the support you deserve here on the forums. Please continue posting.


Welcome to The Forum. I'm sorry you're feeling so depressed. I don't know if it's normal because I just go through depression like its water so to speak. I'm just really sorry that you're depressed and I'm glad that you're reaching out and I hope you get the support that you need. Do you see a psychiatrist and therapist? Hopefully you have someone in your life that you can talk about your depression with them and get the help that you really need. And I'm sounding really redundant and I'm sorry but it's really late and I'm tired. But welcome and again I'm glad you posted

Thank you for responding

Thanks moderators for the resources.
And thanks also to alwaysthinking for the encouragement. Yes I do have a psychiatrist and a therapist. I feel like I still have an anorexic brain sometimes but it a different body. I have lost some weight after leaving treatment. I really don’t want to have an eating disorder but I don’t want to be depressed either. Ism glad to have found this support.

Sorry you are struggling it’s

Sorry you are struggling it’s very difficult I am eating more but still have a very anorexic way of living even when maintaining. I am glad you have support please reach out to them they can help you if you let them. Good luck.

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