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Positive step

I am so full and freaking out because I weighed myself today and it jumped a pretty big amount. But I am going to follow my meal plan anyway I was going to restrict but no I want recovery it is ok I feel bloated but pushing through. I can do this.

Yes you can

It's great you are motivated to maintain recovery. You can do this.

Thanks so much for the

Thanks so much for the encouragement I just ate my lunch and have snack packed for later. I can do this.


Good for you. I'm proud of you. Keep it up.

Thank you I followed my meal

Thank you I followed my meal plan and not my version of my meal plan which my therapist says is not 100% but I followed my new meal plan and it was hard but I did it.


Hi Hermione3-

So proud of you for pushing through and continuing to follow your meal plan! Even when it doesn't always feel good/is uncomfortable. Just wanted to check in and see how you are feeling today? This is such an awesome step and I'm so excited for you and your motivation for recovery!!

<3 Lovetowrite81

Thanks for the support I

Thanks for the support I forgot my lunch today and instead of skipping like I would usually do I walked to the sandwich shop near by and picked up lunch for myself I am oddly proud of myself. Like I just ate afternoons snack so far today 100% and I plan to continue it. I am very determined right now I am having low moods but still fighting, I see my psychiatrist Thursday so I hope to talk about that and my regular doctor said some of her patients do TMS which I know little about I researched some last night but she said it helped her patients. I have tried so many medications and my therapist feels that means it is behavioral but I am not sure.

Many meds

I've taken every Med under the sun and more than once also. That doesn't mean it's not a chemical imbalance. It just means that my brain gets used to meds that help it for a while and then it says I'm used to this now I don't want to work anymore. I don't know of course you are particular situation and your therapist may be right and she may be wrong. I do know that I mentioned to my doctor my psychiatrist that is that if my current meds end up going south so to speak and I stopped being in my absolutely excellent mood if TMS would be an option for me. They've mentioned ECT for me before but I can't do it because it's not available in my city and I have no one to take me to the nearest city where it is available. So TMS is the next logical step for me if the meds do not work. I'm not promoting it I'm just saying what my own experience is. I do think it is rather presumptuous of your therapist to say that because the meds are not working and you've been on a lot of them then that means it's behavioral. As I said oh, I've been on every medicine that there is and I do mean that literally because my psychiatrist has said to me there are no new meds out there for me to take because I have literally been on every single Med that exists and some of them more than once. Sometimes it's just finding the right combinations. So be patient with yourself and by the way, good for you for stopping and getting something for your lunch.

thanks for the support. I

thanks for the support. I feel sometimes my therapist is invalidating me when she says stuff like that. she knows I feel that way but she still thinks its behavioral she may be right or wrong I don't know. I am still in an abusive situation so I could just be miserable from that. thing is I have been on meds for 12 years and on different combinations and sometimes they work for a little while then it feels like I am down again. My psychiatrist mentioned ECT once but it scared me when I researched it the TMS sounds less scary. Not sure if I should ask my psychiatrist about it as it was my doctor who brought it up. I would try anything I am trying to be more positive. I am keeping my journals from the usual complaining as my therapist feels I am complaining sometimes and maybe sometimes I am so I am trying to keep that part of me quiet because its the same complaints over and over and she feels I don't try to change it. so I am working on focus on positives. that has not changed my depressive mood that I still have I see my psychiatrist Thursday I haven't seen her since May so I don't know. I was better a little bit after i started this last new medication but now i feel after a few months i am down again. I am doing my best for once I am eating 100% and trying so hard. I am just tired.

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