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Hi friends,

I just want to say how thankful I am for the Hope that I have. That Hope is my faith. That no matter what I am going through, even if I get depressed because of the trials, and need to get extra support, that I know I am going to be okay. I am thankful that my Mom is okay. But what if she wasn't? I know that even then I know I would be okay. How some of you may ask? Because I know that my stability doesn't come from my parent's or anyone else, but in my Lord. I have faced many difficult and painful things. I continue to as many of you do. We will continue to until we die ourselves. Just because I call myself a Christian, I am not promised as some of you may have heard the term, a rose garden. In fact, I am promised that I will go through difficult times, tribulations, pain and suffering, loss. But to not fear and to trust, and to know that Jesus will help me through these times. In the past I didn't have the ability to put into action what I believed to be true. I am learning more and am getting stronger as I heal and press into Him.

I am glad to be alive. I am glad that I want to live. I never did. I always wanted to die. I was afraid of everything. I am thankful for the growth I have experienced this past year. That my roots are growing deeper into trusting and believing. I had a scare this week with the thought that I could have lost my Mom-my friend. I don't know what tomorrow holds, except that I know I will be okay. Not without pain and sorrow, but okay.

I have enjoyed sharing my journey with you. To see the hard work you put into the process of healing and recovery. Growing through the slips and setbacks. Sharing with each other your dreams and fears. The struggles and the triumphs. We all have a story. Each and every one of us. We get to be involved in writing part of the story. That is a good thing.

I am so proud of you guys/gals. I am honored to be a part of this "family". Thank you for sharing and please, don't ever give up hope. Recovery IS possible.

iwanttolive and I am


Thank you so much for this post. I too, feel His hope tonight. I was so anxious all day about my surgeon consult tomorrow, terrified he wouldn’t take my case for whatever reason and all hope would be gone. But the issue was I was pinning all my hope on one person. Instead I’m putting my hope in God. And I know that even if this person doesn’t work out, God will lead me to someone that will help me and do my surgery.
I’m so glad I’ve gotten to you know my friend. You and everyone else on here. It means so much to me to be able to be open and honest with you all and never be judged for it. It helps me to stay brave. I hope we will get to continue supporting each other and I’m grateful to NEDA for making that happen. (thank you moderators!)
Love and prayers and hugs,


We just want to post some resources in case you or someone on the forum wants to reach out to speak with someone about any concerning thoughts or feelings.

Please take care!

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