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Learning to cope with fluctuations

Hi guys, I'm looking for some advice on how to better deal with weight fluctuations and bad body days (as I call them).

I'm in the process now, through healthy eating and self-care, of getting to a healthy weight and having a good mindset. Overall, I would say that I'm doing really well and I'm proud of the progress I have made. However, it seems like what started off as me trying to be a healthier version of myself has turned into something more negative and I tend to obsess over the small fluctuations.

Any suggestions on how to better handle feeling down about this? Any ideas of how to handle it in a more positive way? How to deal with obsessive thoughts, maybe?

Thanks for taking the time to read this!


Hi!!! I am glad you reached out for support. One thing I learned after years of having a scale is that it is the enemy of getting well. It sounds to me that you have a scale. Measuring your worth on fluctuations which everyone has every day, is dangerous. My suggestion is to have a scale smashing party. I thought I "needed" a scale at my house. Not a good idea as I was on it x amount of times a day. It was so addicting. I don't know how much the fluctuations are, but it could be that you are holding more water that another day, or if you have your cycle, you will see fluctuations.

I think that if you find something you like about yourself, something you like to do, people you like to be around, these things are needed to replace the thoughts of what you weigh and the ups and downs with your weight. I am happier now and freer once I smashed my scale for the last time. I had many "parties", but the last one stuck and I am so much more at peace. I know I fluctuate and if it is in my face I get upset but then I have to talk to myself and ask myself, am I the same person that I was yesterday or last week. The answer is yes. And I am still loved by my Savior, Jesus. I try to focus on that when I know my weight is creeping up.

Also, if you have clothes from when you were at an unhealthy weight, you might want to get rid of them as they, for me, were only a temptation, that one day I will fit back into them, even though being in them was killing me. So if you are able to get rid of clothes that don't fit, it may really help you.

Other than that I don't know what to say. I hope what I said was helpful. Please post again and let us know how you are doing.

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