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Dr Appointment

My Husband made an appointment to see his doctor about a different matter for next week. I called and spoke with the doctor's nurse and asked her to once again remind his doctor about the restrictive eating habits and to let the doctor know that his confusion and dementia are getting worse. I have also requested that the doctor not mention that I called in to say anything.

We will see what happens... probably another lecture by the doctor and then the doctor will feel like he did something positive and my husband will yes him to death and continue on the anorexic journey.

Such is life. I will console myself with the fact that I have made another attempt at bringing medical aid to him, but he has chosen not to take the rope.

Note to self: if I ever involve myself in another relationship I need to ask about mental health issues before getting emotionally entangled.


I'm glad you called. You did something. Which is better than doing nothing.

As you said, it may not make a lot of difference, but at least you are being conscientious, and not just surrendering totally.

When the time comes, I hope he mentions that the doctor talked to him about this. That he heard what was said, I mean.

At least that would be something.