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Gf broke up with me and gave me an ultimatum

Hey guys this is my first time doing this sort of thing but lately I’ve been confused on whether what I’m doing is right or somewhat wrong. I’ve been with my girlfriend for about 3 years and have known about her ED from the beginning. We broke up about a year ago but found our way back to each other. Except this time I had lost some weight of weight and not ate as much as I used to before. She’s mentioned it a few times that I needed to eat more than usual and has gotten angry about it. About three weeks ago she was institutionalized at the hospital and recently was let out. She came over to my house and we got intimate afterwards the topic of food came up and she suddenly got really upset. I took her home and unwilling to talk to me she later texted me saying she needed a break from us. We ended up talking about it the next day and proceeded to tell me that she is letting me go because i trigger her because of my weight loss and eating habits. She tells me that she wants nothing to do with me and will not get back together with me unless I gain weight and look how I used to before. I’m motivated to gain weight and all but I have this feeling that maybe I shouldn’t go back to her and that doing this is irrational. I love her and I want to be with her but I can’t help to think this is a weird ultimatum and that her ED has gotten much worse than before and that I’m possibly making it worse. What do you guys think? Opinions?


Hello, and welcome to the NEDA forums. We had to slightly edit your post to remove specific numbers of weight and words that may be triggering to other users. You can check out the community guidelines here. Thanks for joining the community!


See my reply in the ED Group thread.